Pink Panther Slot Info

The Pink Panther slot game is a result of a recently signed partnership agreement between MGM Studios and Fremantle Media, an international entertainment production and licensing company. A huge opportunity for Fremantle, the company is now permitted to develop games from the MGM movie repertoire, or even lease the purchase rights to other software developers in order to create movie-themed games.

Freemantle has already released the two titles which have been taken up by the Playtech casino platform; the Pink Panther slot game and the Rocky slots game, both of which have already proved immensely popular at participating online casinos.

Other titles currently under consideration are games themed on Robocop, A Fistful of Dollars, Stargate and Fame movies, each international blockbuster films in their own rights. Fremantle first has to analyse their potential for online gaming to try and predict how well these hit movies would translate into online slot games.

Previous online slots developed directly from existing movies or TV shows by Fremantle include The Price is Right and American Idol, again, both these interactive branded slots games have proved to be extremely popular with online casino players.

The fundamental resource that is being tapped into with these branded slot games are the sentimental familiarity that these names evoke with the general public that generates a natural curiousity about the offshoot games developed for the same brand. Fans of hit TV shows or movies are drawn to these big name games, excited by the recognition of key characters and plots in the movies, for the extra thrills offered in the interactive game play, often bundled together with video clips from the actual movies giving fond glimpses into the original films, plus of course the opportunity to win big cash jackpots at the same time.

With the competition between online casinos raging fiercer than ever, huge efforts are being made to develop and launch exciting new casino and online slots games to satisfy the thirst of the game-playing public. The tremendous advantage with these branded slot games is that half the work has already been done in that the names are already familiar, and the fanbase already exists.

With the huge success following the launch of the initial two MGM slots, Pink Panther slot and the Rocky slots game, we’re sure to see more releases follow the path to success very soon.