Pink Panther Slot review

The Pink Panther slot game is one of our favourite slot games to hit the online casino market. Despite only being launched a few weeks ago it’s already rocketed to the top of the online slots charts and has proved a huge success with slot machine players the world over.

A fitting tribute to the classic Pink Panther film series that changed the world forever back in the early 1960′s, the Pink Panther slot game remains true to the most important elements of the MGM films and stars the inimitable characters the Pink Panther himself and the excellent Inspector Clouseau.

As soon as the game opens and loads the front screen you’re transported into the world of Pink Panther, with the pink beastie himself beckoning you in to the game and announcing not one, but two progressive jackpots among other treasures that await you inside. The slot game itself is set against a predominantly white background which sets the mood for the bumbling genius of Inspector Clouseau and the Pink Panther himself, presented in classic cartoon style, making this a refreshing slot game to play, along with the great soundtrack too.

The actual slot game itself boasts 5 reels and 40 paylines, which gives players tons of extra chances to spin up those winning combinations. Coin denominations are standard, and range from 0.01 up to 5.00 and up to 10 coins can be played per line. Pushing the Max Bet button on 0.01 denomination makes for a total bet of 4.00 and you’re covering all the bases, giving yourself best chances to win on each spin. Super highrollers can go wild on this slot game and can play up to 2,000 credits a spin for some humongous payouts.

The Gamble button is one of the extra features on the Pink Panther slot machine, and this button will light up after any winning combination spins up. This gives the player the chance to literally gamble their winnings from the spin in the possibility of winning even more.

Pink Panther Video Review

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Clicking Gamble takes the player to a new screen where 5 cards are face down. Once the player decides how much to gamble, the first card is revealed, and the player must choose a higher value card from the remaining four in order to win. If a lower card is chosen then the player loses the stake. A nice touch is that if the Gamble button is clicked accidentally, there's an option to return to the main game.

The symbols in this slot game are all delightfully depicted in cartoon style, the Pink Panther himself doubling up as the Wild symbol, spin 5 of these and the payout whooshes up to a huge 5,000 coins. But what really makes the Pink Panther slot tick is the seemingly endless procession of bonus features and extra games which can be triggered randomly from the main game, making for delicious surprises during gameplay.

The Bonus Games all have great titles and the entire line-up consists of Crack the Pink Code, The Color Pink, Wheel of Pink, Pink Trail, the Pink Pow and finally the Jackpot Adventure game.

Pink Pow! bonus

Pink Panther Slots

The Pink Pow! bonus game can be triggered at anytime during normal game play. The Pink Panther will leap into action and blow up symbols at random immediately after a spin, anywhere from 2 to 6 symbols will explode and turn into Wilds for some hefty payouts.

Crack the Pink Code bonus

Pink Panther Slots

Also triggered entirely at random during the main game as with all the bonus games, the Pink Code bonus round presents the player with 10 sealed safes that need cracking open. Pink Panther will open the safes to reveal treasures hidden within, which include varying amounts of Free Spins, Multipliers or even an Expanding Wild which comes into play on the middle reel during the Free Spins, and will expand to cover the whole reel if a winning payline exists. The Pink Panther will continue opening safes until he finds one with Dynamite hidden inside and he collects his final prize and the accumulated Free Spins and extras are launched.

Color Pink bonus

Pink Panther Slots

In this bonus game the Pink Panther and the little man team up to paint numbers on a fence. The Panther uses pink paint of course, and the man uses blue. After each round the numbers remaining pink are added up as the cash prize, and the player can choose to Collect or to Continue playing, at risk of losing accumulated winnings. A total of 3 rounds can be played in total.

Wheel of Pink bonus

Pink Panther Slots

The Wheel of Pink bonus game features the Pink Panther and the strange little man standing next to a large numbered double wheel. Pink Panther has the job of spinning both the wheels, the outer wheel shows various cash prizes and the inner wheel has alternating partitions with Respin or Collect instructions. Players can choose to risk their winnings and continue, or cash in the prizes won and return to the main game.

Pink Trail bonus

Pink Panther Slots

The Pink Trail bonus features the loveable Inspector Clouseau who is following footsteps on the trail of the stolen diamond. Every successive footstep means a cash prize and there are a total of four rounds in this game. At the end of each round the player must choose to Collect or Continue. Choosing Collect means the prizes won are added to player balance and the main game resumes. The Continue button risks the player losing half of the prizes, but also there's a chance of completing all four rounds, collecting even more prizes and finding the diamond at the end of the trail, which will multiply all the wins by 2x.

Pink Panther Slots Pink Panther Slots

The Jackpot Adventure

Pink Panther Slots

The Pink Panther slot game boasts a magnificent array of bonus games, and the biggest treasures lie waiting in the Jackpot Adventure game, with two progressive jackpots and a consolation prize should the player not manage to bag one of the big jackpots.

Both the Pink Panther progressive jackpots (the Minor Pink and the Major Pink) are presented in a single jackpot game, the Jackpot Adventure. The Jackpot Adventure round is triggered at random during the main game, and can even come from non-winning spins. Players should be aware however, that the higher the stake for each spin, the better the chances of spinning up the Jackpot game and snagging one of the two jackpots, or even the fixed consolation prize.

Once the Jackpot Adventure round is triggered the player is presented with 12 closed doors and must open the doors to reveal the characters behind. The first full combination of characters revealed determines which prize will be won by the player. This is a timed game, but if the player doesn't manage to open enough doors within the allotted period, the game will randomly open doors until one of the prizes is won.

Opening 3 of the Little Man doors will win the Consolation prize which is fixed at $80. Revealing 4 Inspector Clouseau characters wins the player the Minor Pink jackpot. Players lucky enough to uncover 5 Pink Panther doors will scoop the biggest progressive jackpot of the lot, the Major Pink jackpot.