Pink Panther Slots

The Pink Panther slot game is an excellent new video slot freshly launched on the Playtech software platform, and based on the classic Pink Panther series and films that dominated both the big and small screens from the early 1960′s onwards.

This branded MGM slot game is truly a great example of how to make a successful online slot machine. In the few weeks since its launch the Pink Panther slot has already become one of the most popular online slots at casinos such as Windows Casino and King Solomons, appealing to a huge fanbase eager to reawaken long forgotten childhood memories.

The Pink Panther slots game does not disappoint in any respect, in fact, it is absolutely jam-packed with special features, five different bonus games and even two dedicated progressive jackpots, all divinely presented by the mischievous Pink Panther and the bumbling genius Inspector Clouseau. A true gem of an online slot game and a must-play game for all fans of the immortal Pink Panther.

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Pink Panther – a brief history

Pink Panther Slots Pink Panther Slots

The Pink Panther first appeared on the big screen back in 1963 when The Pink Panther comedy feature film was unleashed upon the unsuspecting public. The two main actors in the very first film of the series were David Niven as 'The Phantom' – gentleman jewel thief, and Peter Sellers as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau, who spoke with an outrageous heavy Frenchy accent – both actors becoming almost synonymous with the Pink Panther movies.

The Pink Panther films were originally intended as a vehicle to propel David Niven to super stardom in his role as the Phantom, however Peter Sellers was so utterly convincing with his Inspector Clouseau character that future films realigned the focus on his character.

The immortal Pink Panther theme music was created by American composer Henry Mancini, who also provided many additional scores for the film series, and whose original theme is probably one of the most recognised and hummed movie themes the world over.

Story of Pink Panther

Pink Panther Slots Pink Panther Slots

The Pink Panther was actually the name of the fictitious and extremely valuable pink diamond featured in the very first film, so-called as it was actually a flawed diamond. If inspected closely a tiny pink leaping panther could be seen in the middle of the stone, hence the name Pink Panther. The opening titles to the first film show a close up of the diamond and the Pink Panther leaps out of the diamond and does his funky walk on-screen to the opening credits.

The original Pink Panther animation in the very first film was adapted into a series of short cartoons by studio heads, which were later fully developed into regular cartoons for the prime Saturday morning spot on American TV, making the Pink Panther a household name in his own right.

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